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Youth Advisory

  • Learnerships have a bad reputation often for good reason: they are often “tick-the-box” programmes with little impact
  • Frustratingly, the BEE Codes incentivise funds away from bona fide work-experience internships that don’t meet qualification requirements and from bursary support for students
  • We can affordably convert more impactful initiatives, like existing internships, entry level jobs and even University students into learnerships at zero net cost to clients
  • We also source and implement externally hosted learnerships or enrol existing employees (that need bona fide development only) on learnership programmes
  • Although other options are available, we generally recommend implementing the NQF3 MICT SETA accredited End User Computing learnership, which is affordable, completely online and avoids logistical challenges, group size issues and conflicts with work hours/shift work and other studies