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Implement YES YOUTH


What is YES Youth

YES Youth is a business-led initiative that seeks innovative ways to revive the economy and provide young people with a dignified first chance at employment. During the 12-month real work experience program young people will either be placed with the sponsoring company's organization or with an external company. The YES program is currently funded by Lucha Lunako through BEE sponsorships of companies seeking to improve their BEE levels through the use of the YES program.

Facts about Lucha Lunako’s Yes Youth delivery:

  • Our YES youth candidates get real work experience in real jobs across a wide range of host SMMEs, organisations and NGOs in our network
  • Absorption rates post our YES programmes are high as many SMMEs are able to justify continuing youth employment post the 1 year programme
  • Some youth get access to opportunities post the YES Youth programme to substantially increase their income
  • We are able to advise on tax incentives such as the 12H learnership allowances and the ETI
  • We fully manage stipends/YES salaries on behalf of host sites for good governance
  • We use tried and tested end-to-end YES implementation management including paperwork and legal contracts
  • We can connect clients to high quality B-BBEE advisory services for businesses unsure of their needs/requirements