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@Work Series

It is a customised skills development intervention that is geared towards equipping interns and junior employees with tools to thrive and succeed in the workplace, for this to be true means that an individual is healthy, well and can successfully execute their role. This involves enabling the person holistically to discover, and explore all skills relating to character, confidence, connection, caring and competence.

The skills development focus areas and outcomes include:

  • Workplace readiness
  • Leadership development
  • Financial & mathematics literacy

The world of work can be daunting for those stepping into it either as a first-time experience or with limited work experience.


For work readiness to be achieved, our @work course aims to cover the following:

  1. Equipping graduate interns or junior employees with both cognitive and non-cognitive skills
  2. Fostering a culture of autonomy and self-starter thinking​
  3. Building a deep sense of confidence and ability to network at work


When it comes to leadership, we hold the strong belief that it is not preserved for a chosen few; its principles can be applied from individuals running large businesses to a mother in her home. We adopt the Everyday Leader philosophy, which we deliver through our Leading @work course, achieving the following:

  1. Focusing on the individual’s circle of influence
  2. Harnessing their talents and leveraging their strengths for sustained and successful performance​
  3. Building a new language about leadership that is accessible & relatable

Lastly our Financial Freedom @work course with its financial and mathematics literacy outcomes is based on the premise that money matters are often contentious. In our view, to be financially literate is not just about understanding money and how it works, it’s about knowing how to make, save and spend money in a way that preserves your life goals, which entails:​

  1. Knowing the financial context of South Africa and young black youth​
  2. Personal beliefs and values that drive individual money habits​
  3. Practical enhancers and barriers to healthy money relationships​

In all our programmes, we reinforce learning and enhance skills through our Lucha Magic Sprinkles. The Lucha Magic Sprinkles is a catalytic method that wields creative and artistic interventions to navigate the socio-emotional factors that contribute to one’s ability to engage the programme content.​

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Time: 4 hours Per Week Facilitated using a hybrid in -person & online model

Course Costs: contact us for more information

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