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The Lucha Lunako Financial Freedom Course is designed to address spending behaviours that are detrimental to the financial well-being of the youth. We focus on identifying money habits and external influences that are destiny distractors and then empower youth with the financial tools to build a secure financial future and live in financial freedom. 

The Financial Freedom course is not the traditional number-crunching exercise of setting budgets and informing youth of the do's and don'ts when it comes to their money. The starting point of Lucha Lunako's Financial Freedom course is that youth have the solution inside of them to manage their finances better. We become partners with them on this Financial Freedom journey by helping them unleash that potential to build sound financial futures. We address behavioural matters such as money traumas, doing more with less, and debt as financial slavery among others. 

Lucha Lunako Financial Freedom Course is well suited to organisations with a staff complement of youth, graduate programs or programs that are youth development focused. Programs that empower youth with the skills to get employed or with tools to create employment through entrepreneurship do not necessarily endow those participants with money management skills. The Lucha Lunako Financial Freedom Course is the missing piece in the long-term youth development spectrum.

“For the first time in human history, society has the capacity, the knowledge and the resources to eradicate poverty.” - Thabo Mbeki

We believe the lessons learnt in this course will not only change the financial trajectory of participants, but that participants in this course will become change catalysts in their families and immediate spheres of influence – an impact which will continue for generations to come.

Course Duration: 8-12 weeks

Course Time: 2 hours Per Week Facilitated In Person or through Online Groups

Course Costs: contact us for more information

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