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Through the Lucha Lunako Learnership offering we aim to build capacity in young people who are already employed, as well as new employees who lack the necessary technical skills. Our focus is on working with host environments that incorporate holistic foundational development while building technical skills. At Lucha we are attentive in ensuring all young people regardless of their abilities have equal access to opportunities and even more deliberate in ensuring our programmes provide mental wellness initiatives to assist people with mental health disabilities become diagnosed and economically active.

Programme offering:

Our standard programme offering is the NQF3 MICT SETA accredited End User Computing learnership, which is affordable, completely online and avoids logistical challenges and conflicts with work hours/shift work. Through our partners we also offer some other learnerships. We also have other specific impact programmes which include producing data analysts with high absorption, along with income-generating programmes focused on self-employment.

What we do know:

  • Learnerships have a bad reputation often for good reason: they are often “tick-the-box” programmes with little impact
  • Frustratingly, the BEE Codes incentivise funds away from bona fide work-experience internships that don’t meet qualification requirements and from bursary support for students
  • We can affordably convert more impactful initiatives, like existing internships, entry level jobs and even university students into learnerships at zero net cost to clients
  • We also source and implement externally hosted learnerships or enrol existing employees (that need bona fide development only) on learnership programmes

By implementing our learnership programmes, clients have numerous benefits such as contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment and poverty by creating job opportunities, earning skills development BEE points, and ultimately upskilling potential employees or enhancing the capabilities of their existing workforce. Moreover, clients can be assured that all contributions to Lucha Lunako, including profits, are reinvested in youth development, making their investment a powerful force for positive change.