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    Lucha Press Office

    July 21, 2022
    Student Debt

    Investing in ending student debt makes good business sense

    Equitable access to education is one of the pillars on which the solution to South Africa’s youth unemployment problem rests. But education comes at a cost; […]
    July 21, 2022

    Nizenande Machi TEDxLytteltonWomen Talk

    No Title Every relationship that desires to “live happily ever after” goes through its first critical point of inflection, which is common to relationships where there […]
    July 21, 2022

    The youth’s role in re-imagining our society post COVID-19

    Our co-founder Alana Bond was recently featured in the second episode of the ‘Just for a Change’ podcast powered by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation […]


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