Gold Miner

Why I’m here at Lucha

Imagine a world where young people are not only able to find their path in life but live it with passion and purpose. I work alongside Lucha Lunako, helping them create programmes that will give young generations the opportunity for self-discovery while also awakening our future leaders on how they can use the knowledge gained in our programmes as tools towards leading fulfilled lives. As someone who sees themselves as a miner, helping to extract the gold in others. I am well positioned to help young people do this for themselves.

Connect with me

if you want to help young people find their inner greatness. I am a facilitator, an orchestrator or collaborator with experience in creating content and designing programs that focus on the holistic development of individuals. At Lucha we are looking for more opportunities to work in the entry level employee wellness space to help empower and equip young employees to attain sustainable productivity, mental health and holistic well-being while pursuing their career goals.