Why I’m here at Lucha

I care about the African person's socio-economic condition and daily lived experience. It matters to me that we are set free from the effects of legacy degradation and oppression as evidenced by unemployment, GBV, suicide and other social ills. It is important that the African person's joy, resilience and creative spirit is celebrated and marked as noteworthy to our flourishing. For me, Lucha Lunkao is the vehicle that helps me organise these interests, using various models and interventions to benefit young South Africans. I'm at Lucha because the organisation is an essential catalyst to an economically thriving youth in South Africa.

Connect with me

… You are young, vibrant, visible and impactful in the youth development sector and want your contribution to be amplified in the sector and beyond.

… You have ideas about how the youth development sector can be improved to enable the sustainable development of South African youth.

… You have resources (financial and otherwise) that you would like to redirect towards creating decent work opportunities for young people.