Who am I?

I am an experienced social researcher and entrepreneur who values the use of data and systems thinking to drive sustainable and meaningful change. My focus is on addressing some of the world's most pressing problems through community-centric and co-operative methodologies, integrating innovation with participation. I have experience in grassroots organising, activism and stakeholder engagement.

What is my youth development philosophy?

Every young person has purpose and agency that should be leveraged to develop meaningful solutions for them

  • Co-founder FEED, a project that brings together my passions for people and the planet through the lens of food.
  • Previously established and run Pledger Africa and been involved in local and global social projects over the past ten years
  • Consultant largely in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors.
  • My role with Lucha Lunako includes M&E and impact measurement work as well as research, strategy and project management of the Youth Ecosystem and Pathways to Micropreneurship streams.
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