Who am I?

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a varied and interesting career, with experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. After 12 years working in media as a journalist and editor, I returned to university to complete a degree in economics and political science before taking up a role as policy advisor with the New Zealand government. Wanting to apply my skills to make a positive difference in my home country, I returned to South Africa in 2016 and started working for a youth development NGO.

What is my youth development philosophy?

Young South Africans have enormous potential. However, they also face significant barriers – such as poverty, trauma, poor education and high unemployment – that prevent so many of them from achieving their full potential. I believe that the solution lies in providing targeted support that can help our young people overcome their particular challenges, and in doing so fulfil their goals, be it completing a tertiary qualification, finding employment or starting their own business.

  • Journalist and editor for 12 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics
  • Lived in New Zealand for five years, working for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in economic policy development.
  • Project Manager for Educo Africa, where I implemented a skills development and internship programme for unemployed graduates.
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