Who am I?

I am a programme management and design consultant committed to driving inclusive societies and economies. I have worked across the development sectors, including community peace-building, food security, and the arts, mainly focusing on stimulating and supporting social entrepreneurship. My cross-cutting interest and passion lie in thoughtful process as the cornerstone of people-centred, inspired and effective social and economic development. This approach has been developed by working across sectors, cultures, nationalities and demographics. My skills include collaborative programme design, complex local and international programme management, strategic planning, creative thought processes, dialogue stimulation, facilitation and values-based leadership.

What is my youth development philosophy?

I believe that supporting the youth to identify, problem solve, and action solutions to problems within their communities is the most equitable, innovative and nonprescriptive way to stimulate economic and social development at a much larger scale. Our role is not to develop the youth; they have everything they need to develop themselves. Our role is to create environments that nurture competencies and confidences that enable the youth to act on their ideas about what 'development' even looks like, what problems need solving and how they want to address those challenges.

  • Founder Hours 2 Impact (Pty)Ltd - social innovation and programme management consultancy
  • South African team leader of the British Council's Developing Inclusive & Creative Economies (DICE), a global pilot that imagined and activated new forms of cultural agency and horizontal collaboration for 22,000 creative social entrepreneurs, artists, intermediaries, young journalists and policy-makers
  • Head of Development for Reel Gardening, an award-winning South African social enterprise focused on food security.
  • Qualifications in Impact Investing from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and Social Entrepreneurship from the Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • Honours Degree in Politics and International Studies from Rhodes University.