Co-Founder, Lucha Lunako

I’m an entrepreneur with almost two decades of strategic consulting experience, a subject matter expert on B-BBEE, economic development and social enterprise, and I also have extensive experience in youth development, start-ups, innovation and business models.

What is my youth development philosophy?

Every young person has purpose and agency that should be leveraged to develop meaningful solutions for them

  • Founder of Simanye a B-BBEE consultancy
  • Co-Founder Lucha Lunako
  • Co-Creator of the Youth Have It Framework - reimagining Youth Development in SA
  • Involved in over 1,000 young people moving through learnerships to potential job opportunities
  • Serves on the boards of several foundations and trusts, including Social Enterprise Academy Africa
  • co-founder of Impact Hub Joburg, which is part of a global network of hubs focused on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable business models.
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