Co-Founder, Lucha Lunako

Alana Bond is an entrepreneur with almost two decades of strategic consulting experience, is a subject matter expert on B-BBEE, economic development and social enterprise, and also has extensive experience in youth development, start-ups, innovation and business models.

As part of her role with Simanye (an BEE and impact investing organisation she co-founded and still operates) she was closely involved in a start up focused on youth development for several years, before realizing a new theory of change was needed, hence in 2019 she co-founded Lucha Lunako, a social enterprise focused on addressing root cause challenges within the youth development space.

Alana has provided work and development opportunities to several youth within the Simanye business in the last few years. This, along with being involved in over 1,000 young people moving through learnerships to potential job opportunities as well as multiple YES Youth implementations, has allowed Alana to have a direct, lived experience that allows her to see things from several different perspectives. She has observed the challenges and realities facing youth and work environments, seen first hand the extent of youth unemployability, but also experienced the incredible talent, resilience and potential of South Africa’s young people. She has drawn the conclusions that we are not asking enough of the right questions, not going deeper into the root causes of youth unemployment and not solving enough of the systemic and interconnected problems to move the needle on youth development. An innovator and tireless problem solver, with an ability to envision the big picture as well as the details, has chosen to contribute positively to the solutions needed.

In addition to her roles at Simanye and Lucha Lunako, she serves on the boards of several foundations and trusts, including Social Enterprise Academy Africa and was a co-founder of Impact Hub Joburg, which is part of a global network of hubs focused on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable business models. Alana holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree with an Honours in Finance from the University of Cape Town. Prior to her work in BEE, Simanye and Lucha Lunako, Alana spent several years at the Johannesburg office of the international management consultancy, Accenture.